The Importance of Social Media in Marketing

Social media marketing is a necessary tool for all businesses to stand out today. Part of the reason for this is because social media marketing allows for customer engagement with businesses and their products. Businesses that are especially smaller in scale and niche can especially benefit from social media marketing. Social media marketing is also relatively cost-efficient for many business owners. Advertisements on television can cost up to thousands but ads on social media can work with a lower budget.


Facebook is an excellent marketing tool that allows you to reach a consumer base in a targeted way. You can localize your target market base or expand it globally depending on what your product is and who you want to reach out to. Facebook is also easy to navigate. You can market very easily as long as you have a Facebook page that your consumers can be directed to. Facebook is also very cost-efficient.


Twitter is another great social media marketing tool you can take advantage of. Unlike Facebook, which requires targeting your consumer base, Twitter is more about generating buzz around your product and humanizing your business. First, Twitter is a great research platform for understanding your business to see who likes your product and why. You can utilize Twitter to become the face of your company. You can use it to engage with users and respond to any feedback they provide. Many corporations use Twitter for this reason. If consumers have positive feedback or grievances, Twitter is used to address them. When using Twitter, make it personable. Your Twitter business identity should have a character behind it. Think of it as a consumer service tool in addition to be a marketing tool. When customers tweet about your product, engage with them. You can click the heart-shaped button to show your appreciation for their patronage and retweet anything nice they say. You can also thank them through your Twitter account. Your Twitter account can be an effective tool for delivering key information about your product to your users. If there are any important announcements regarding new products, Twitter is an excellent place to break that news.


LinkedIn headlines help you stand out among the sea of other LinkedIn members competing in the job market. Some LinkedIn headline examples include “Digital Marketing Executive at Walt Disney” or “Campus Coordinator at UC San Diego.” Headlines such as these give viewers a clear indication as to who you are and what you do for work without having to read through your entire profile. If a potential client, customer or business partner wants to know who you are and what your business is about, it is best to have something quick and easy to view rather than have them go through the trouble of sifting through more to read. LinkedIn headlines can be useful in B2B interactions. B2B or “business to business” interactions are a natural part of business growth. You are able to brand yourself accurately for other business executives to notice who you are and what your contribution is to the company with LinkedIn headlines.


Instagram is used by hundreds of millions of users around the world. Many companies, both big and small use Instagram for marketing purposes. Sit down with your marketing team and first establish why you need Instagram and what your goals are for using this marketing tool. Are you using it to showcase your product? Are you using it to engage with consumers? Are you trying to tap into a new consumer base? If your product is having an aesthetic quality to it like fashion or beauty, Instagram is a natural tool for social media marketing. There are ways you can use Instagram to generate a larger consumer following, advertise the uses of your product, and engage with users especially if they are showcasing your product on their accounts. You can repost their posts or thank them for choosing your product. Instagram is an excellent visual tool you can utilize for showing consumers exactly how to use your product to get the most out of it.


This might be a no-brainer, but your company should absolutely have a website. Whenever you use social media marketing tools, you should have a website that features more details on your product and can also link users back to your social media platforms for more updates. A home base is what your website is. All your social media platforms have an area for your website link. Users should be able to look you up instantly and with ease. Your website should ideally have some form of e-commerce attached to it as well so that customers can easily check out and purchase items. If not, some form of e-commerce where users can purchase your product should be made available to them.

Social media marketing is hard to avoid in today’s world where everyone is plugged into their phones at all times. When people are on their phones, they are most likely checking social media sites. Given these odds, it makes sense to take advantage of social media platforms as part of your marketing strategy. Hopefully, this article offers you some insight into these tools and their use.

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